Oh hail no!

-From some of the greatest sarcastic minds ever.

What is hail?

Hail is natures way of a bully throwing a rock snowball at the little kid that runs home crying.

Only in this case, the little kid is someone who stuffs carbondioxide, carbon monoxide, and aerosol up the bully's nose.

Hail is also a way swear without getting in trouble, just don't say it in church; say it afterward when you are playing stickball and get hit by the tennis ball.

How is hail created?


The world's largest boxing bag I MEAN BALL OF PAINT, which is exactly like a hailstone.

Hail is bounced up and down and up and down repeatedly (ew), until it gains many layers, much like the worlds largest ball of paint.

Sadly, the reason you never hear of bocce ball sized hailstones is

  1. Because they drop and die quickly (much like Mitt Romney's campaign)
  2. Because absolutely no one has heard of bocce ball.

How big can hailstones get?

Well, hailstones, commonly known as "balls" is the non-scientific-or-even-remotely-smart-even-there-is-no-difference-between-the-two society (hold your breath that long...I dare you...), can grow very large. In cold weather, balls can get very big; in warm weath, balls are very tiny. In Northeast US, we have very small balls.

What is sleet?

Balls may hurt my sticks and grass, but stones will never hurt me.

Hm. I'm pretty sure it's the other way around.

Stones will hurt my sticks and grass, but balls will never hurt me.

Ah, that's better.